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Department of Education

Cordillera Administrative Region

Schools Division of Ifugao

Official Web Site 

Schools Division Office, Rizal Ave, Pob. South, Lagawe, Ifugao


1.) In the URL (i.e. where the "http://www" is located), type

2.) Press enter after typing to display the page shown below:

3.) Click the GREEN button with "I don't have my DepEd

Email" caption.

4.) Fill in what is required starting from TIN going down.

The PERSONAL EMAIL asked is an ACTIVE email that you've been using. If you have no active personal email

yet you must SIGN UP with or SIGN UP with to acquire one.

Click the GREEN button

with 'Get my DepEd Email Account' when done.

4.) A confirmation of data form will display. Click the

GREEN button with 'SUBMIT' caption:

5.) If the page below appears after clicking the 'SUBMIT' button, confirmation is in progress so just check your personal email you have provided earlier for further instructions. Open your personal email after 1 day to check if DepEd Verification Apps link has been sent to your inbox then click on the link colored blue in a table to proceed reentering required data once again (step 1). When you click on the link in your inbox, just click 'okay' or 'continue' until you will be asked to copy your 'deped email' and 'temporary password' displayed. Just click 'okay' or 'continue' until you will be asked to enter your own password for your deped email.

6.) If the page below appears, just select/highlight the "Temporary Password" then RIGHT CLICK on the highlighted password then Copy-paste it on the next step. Or press the keys Ctrl+C after selecting the "Temporary Password" to copy, then paste it in the next step:

7.) Copy your official email and username and temporary password, which you will change later in the next steps. It is important and best to highlight/select then copy-paste the Temporary Password to prevent

confusion of number zero "0" with capital letter "'O"; or small letter "L" (l) with number one (1).

8.) Click "Claim Now" button. Follow instructions on the next pages if you are able to reach the page requiring you to send a verification code sent to your cellphone. Follow further instructions until your Gmail inbox is displayed.

9.) Continue until you have changed the temporary password. Once you have changed your temporary password you will be asked to log-in using your new password to open your inbox (same as picture above).

10.) You may re-open your Deped official email account with Google Gmail or just type in the URL then press enter to display the login page.

Note: If a message tells you to wait for verification officer, your official email is not yet done so you have to check the personal email you provided earlier after 1 day to see if a link to reenter your data for the final steps is sent to you. Follow the instructions sent to your email. If no email is sent to your personal email address, go to step 1 to re-enter the same data. Continue until you have entered a new password. lf your Gmail inbox is displayed, you have already successfully created your official email. Log-out before leaving.