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Department of Education

Cordillera Administrative Region

Schools Division of Ifugao

Official Web Site 

Schools Division Office, Rizal Ave, Pob. South, Lagawe, Ifugao



(Reference: DepEd Order 52, s. 2015)

  • to ensure full implementation of the articulated basic education curriculum (pre-school, elementary, seondary and ALS), through localization/ indigenization and innovations in teaching the various subject-areas towards improvement in the quality of learning outcomes
  • to improve provision and availability of quality learning and teaching resource materials for students and instructional support materials for teachers in the division
  • to conduct research studies and utilize research findings
  •  to provide technical assistance to schools int he areas of:
- curriculum implementation
- instructional supervision
- resource generation and social mobilization
- SIP implementation
  • to improve access to basic/functional literacy skills and raise the level of literacy in the deprived, disadvantaged and underserved areas




a. Manage the implementation of the localized basic education curriculum and special programs for all types of learners in compliance to national and regional standards.

b. Provide learning support to schools and LCs for the effective implementation of the localized basic curriculum and special programs.

c. Provide technical assistance to schools and LCs in the enhancement of classroom management skills, instructional competence, curriculum implementation and conduct of research, e.g. classroom-based, action research.

d. Monitor and evaluate the implementation of the basic curriculum and co-curriculum programs in both public and private schools.

e. Conduct studies on curriculum and instruction and utilize research findings for the improvement of and for increased access to learning.

f. provide technical assistance to schools and LCs in learning management, delivery systems and assessment modes for all types of learners consistent with the national and regional policies and standards.

g. Implement pilots and try-outs of the localized learning systems, innovative delivery modes and use results to improve curriculum instruction.

h. Implement and monirot the special needs education in public and private schools consistent with national and regional policies and guidelines.

i. Pilot learning models and strategies for special needs education (i.e. Madrasah Education, IP Education, and education for differently-abled learners) in identified schools.

j. Provide technical assistance to the Schools and LCs in the implementation of learning models and strategies for special needs education.

k. Develop a division research agenda on curriculum and instruction.

l. Provide technical assistance to the schools, and LCs in the conduct of researches on curriculum and instruction.

m. Undertake division researches on curriculum and instruction attune to global trends.

n. Disseminate and utilize research findings into a practical and doable manner.


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